Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sexy Food Poisoning

Greetings World,

This post is coming to you from my bed. Day 4 of lying flat on my back, day 2 of vacation. Sure feels good to be done for the semester. Or, it would feel good if I didn't feel like DEATH! I'm exaggerating. Today I feel much better, considering that yesterday I pretty much was delirious with fever all day. I made the mistake this morning of looking in the mirror. It wasn't pretty. Red, white and black are the colours of my face. You choose where to place them. 

No. Having a cold is not sexy. Not like the time I had food poisoning and lost about half my body mass. That was awesome. I fit into my skinny jeans for weeks after that. Who cares if I almost died of dehydration? I looked hot. 

This image doesn't really apply... but it made me laugh when I saw it. I googled "sexy food poisoning" for fun, and this was one of the hits. 

The best part of being sick this time was that I had to write an essay and an exam for a prof that I'm pretty sure hates me. I already have an inferiority complex, and this man actually called me into his office to say, "I don't know if you're used to being top of the class, but I've been going over your grades since the beginning of the semester... and you're not." He also said a lot more than that and I of course immediately went home and cried. I resolved to work harder (even though I wasn't really sure how that was possible), but no matter how hard you try, it is pretty hard to be coherent when you have a fever. I'm kind of afraid. Although, it can't be worse than my grade 11 bio exam where we had to label the parts of the heart. This is how I labeled it:

Can you see the specialness that my brain produced? I wonder where my 17 year old mind was at... If you haven't spotted the gross error yet, here was the page as it looked when I received my test back:

Um... yeah. My poor teacher. Actually, he probably had a really good laugh. Thank God if there ever comes a day I can use the title "Dr." it won't be standing for M.D.. 

And speaking of doctors... I'm going on the first trip of my vacation. To the doctor's. I doubt she can cure my brain, but maybe she can do something for this  ailing body of mine.



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