Thursday, November 25, 2010

God vs. Darwin

Hello Everyone!

I thought I would try to convince you once more of my faith. I got scolded a lot about my last post. People threw rocks at me in the name of Jesus, and it hurt. But I definitely believe in creationism. If you were me, you'd have a hard time believing in evolution, and here is why.

Currently the best science that we have tells us that natural selection explains the evolution of species. Right. Faith in science. Here is a pie chart representation of where I place my faith:

Mmmmm... pie... Here is a graphical representation of the importance of pie:

Well... I live with a fluffy critter that helped me with the reallocation of my faith. Her name is Hawkslee. She is a Parrotlet. And if evolution by natural selection were true, she would not be here.

My poor parrotlet seems hell bent on breaking the bank with trip after trip to the vet. She doesn't appreciate the fact that I'm a student and have no money. I've gone into debt for this creature! The poor thing underwent surgery at only 6 months of age due to an injury she sustained at the hands of her very own beak. Scratch that... if her beak had hands that would be some pretty advanced evolution... But I digress. Even upon healing she has continued to periodically try to tear her feet apart with her beak. She's been in and out of the vet's, under observation, and there is nothing wrong with her. She doesn't have parasites, she is not depressed... they have no idea how to fix her. So basically, the vet came up with a temporary fix. The temporary fix went through it's own evolution. This is the kind of evolution I can get on board with, since I watched it first hand.

The first attempt was to bandage the wounded foot, but of course the crafty little thing tore off the bandage after a few short hours. Then came an attempt to put a collar on her neck that elongated it a bit in an attempt to put her feet out of reach. This too failed. She can bend in scary ways. So finally, the vet came up with the reverse cone (tutu or satellite dish), which looks like this:

The last one is the saddest and most pathetic thing I have ever seen. She can't even fly when she's in it... is she still a bird if she can't even fly? Look how pathetic she is in this thing:

See? How can you watch that and believe that this is a more advanced stage of anything!? (And no, this is not being cruel... without that thing on she would bleed out, and it's only on in the very direst of circumstances!)

Poor baby. But she's very loved!


  1. awww yeah. we be blogging.


  2. So your argument against evolution being factual is because a doctor put a cone around your stupid birds wings thus rendering it flightless? Well, you sure are retarded. I'm not surprised that you don't understand evolution. (BTW Natural Selection is more prevalent in the evolution of wild animals than domesticated ones. If your bird were in the wild, it would have surely been too stupid to survive.)

    1. Oh wow. I feel really bad for you. I'm obviously not a creationist and was just being extremely silly. The whole blog is silly. I'm a scientist, dude. Chill out, lighten up, cheeri-O!

      P.S. The word retarded is totally unacceptable. My God and I are judging you pretty harshly for using it.