Saturday, December 24, 2011

My Nefarious Nahar Nahars

When I set up my blog I couldn't come up with an original title. Neither Here Nor There was definitely a stop gap. Well, never fear... My Nefarious Nahar Nahars has arrived. What is a Nefarious Nahar Nahar?

Nefarious: wicked or criminal
Nahar: to shine

I could have also gone with the spelling 'nehar'. It would have looked better following nefarious, but the meaning of nehar isn't as wonderful. A Nehar is a fish. So a Nefarious Nehar Nehar would look something like the guy to the right of the page. Not an attractive mascot. 

Instead, with the spelling Nahar, I can think of this blog as a collection of my wickedly brilliant musings. 

Nefarious = wicked = awesome
Nahar = shining = brilliance

See how I got there? Whether you agree or not, my Nefarious Nahar Nahars are here to stay. 

C'mon. Say it aloud. You'll like the way it feels in your mouth. 

Merry Chrismukkah, y'all!


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