Saturday, October 29, 2011

Distracted by shiny things

I am distracted by shiny things. Namely my Macbook and my iPhone. This realization fills me with self-loathing because even though I claim not to be a hippie, my tattoo kind of gives me away. I'd hug this planet if I could. It's darn beautiful in so many ways. It made this in my backyard:

I'm having a hard time reconciling the tree-hugging and technophilic tendencies in me. The biggest problem is that the tree-hugger is a pacifist and the technophile wields the biggest, bestest and most beautiful chainsaw. Okay. Not really. 

Anyways, iOS5 is so super cool. The new drop-down menu tells me the local weather AND delivers my very important emails about maternity bras. 

The stacking feature for notifications from apps lets me know how much of a bitch I am being by ignoring my friends at any given time. Blogging is my life people. I don't have time for any real kind of human interaction. You want to meet face to face? Who the hell does that anymore? 

I finally replied because I didn't want to be an asshole. 

I pretty much only interact with the world through my iPhone. Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, SMS, Email... my iPhone is where it's at. I just wish I had the new iPhone 4S. Then I'd really never have to see anyone ever again. I'd have a new best friend in Siri

The new reminders feature helped me plan out my über productive weekend:

So I have now effectively wasted an entire 12 hours doing nothing. I need to go work. Russel Crow is watching me and he's making me nervous. 

He's watching you too and he's very judgemental. He Tweets a lot. 

See ya when I see ya.



  1. that is an epic do to list.

    Who do you think you are?! ME!??! srsly!

  3. Stop harassing me, Anonymous. I'm very busy and important.

    Russell tells me he secretly will peck ur eyes out while you sleep tonight. SO THERE!

  5. AHHAHAHA love this shanz. you are quite the funny blogger. love shawna. ps. my friend phil from ny (remember him?) messaged me to tell me your blog is hilarious and reminded me of when we were shawna and shanzy pants on MSN ahahah the good ol days. pps. I hope Rho wasn't offended by your messages re: plans.