Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What`s up MarchÉ

My computer keyboard keeps resetting itself to French for some reason... that title was supposed to say, "What's up March?", but I liked the weird accent grave apostrophe and the accented E. It made me feel all cool and internationally mysterious. By the way, please read 'accent grave' in a French accent... I'm not talking about grave (read: serious) accents here. Besides what would a serious accent be? I found the most awesomely useful internet tool to help me answer this age old question. It's a tool that allows you to do type to text in different accents. Here are some of the ones I found most serious:

Which one do you find most awesome? Please, do share. I like taking awesome factor polls. 

So, why have I not been blogging? Because I've been super bogged down with work and the stress is really getting to me. Even my vacation didn't help. While it was nice to relax in a warm climate, it also made me feel hypocritical for participating in mass tourism, and reminded me daily that I gained 20 pounds last year. Damn you bikini. This is the one beach picture I enjoy of myself and feel okay enough about to post on the internet:                                                                                        
Tattoo art by Heath Ledgeberg
I should probably stop being down on myself... or I should start another blog where I can whine about things, because really, this blog was meant to be light and ridiculous. 

Anyway, I'm grumpy because I decided to stop eating junk, and as a result I'm hungry all the friggen time. While fruits and veggies are yummy snacks, I'm always left feeling hungry. Any tips? And yes, I am eating lots of protein in my meals. 

GAH! This is too serious. I should try channelling frustration into work rather than complaining on here. 

I promise to have more entertaining posts in April. March is crunch time. Back to it!



P.S. All work and no play is no fun... 

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